Better Questions for Children and Technology in 2020


In a recent article on EdSurge, Chip Donohue, Founding Director of the Technology in Early Childhood Center at Erikson Institute and Senior Fellow at the Fred Rogers Institute, shares his key takeaways about the most powerful ideas and practices when using technologies with young children.  Additionally, Donohue shares advice for teachers and stresses “relationships matter most.”

“Technology-mediated family engagement and nudges work.  Use tools to enhance family engagement and relationships,  help families keep in touch at a distance and strengthen parent-child interaction.”

To learn more visit:  Beyond Screen Time: Better Questions for Children and Technology in 2020.


Message from Me available in Detroit, Michigan


Message from Me is now used in Detroit, Michigan at The Guidance Center in early learning classrooms. One teacher shared, “Message from Me is a way for children to connect with loved ones…and that is a gift.”

Message from Me: A new tech tool for Pre-K developed at the CMU Create Lab


A new tech tool developed at the CMU Create Lab is now in all Pittsburgh Public School preschool programs, and it’s helping kids connect outside the classroom.  The program, called Message from Me, uses an iPad to help kids connect directly with their family and friends while they’re at preschool.  Since the kids can’t read yet, programmers created a way for them to do it on their own.

Campus Learning Laboratory


While welcoming children in the morning, some of them greet me with a friendly “Hi, Dr. Carver!” Because my name rarely fits their idea of “doctor,” they occasionally pause after saying it and ask whether I am a doctor… Then I say that I am a doctor who helps people learn. For the past 25 years, I have been privileged to help learners of all ages at the Carnegie Mellon University Children’s School.

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