Introducing the new Message from Me Caregivers App!

The Message from Me Caregivers is designed for parents and caregivers to receive messages during the school day and set reminders to connect with their child after school. The app can be installed on mobile devices from the App StoreGoogle Play, or Amazon App Store.

The transition from text messages to the Message from Me Caregivers App will happen in January of 2022.   Here’s what you can do to support families in accessing the Caregivers App:

  • Use this PDF form to share information about this change with families.
  • Family members will need their child’s access code in order to create an account in the Caregivers App. To find each child’s access code, login to your account through the Message from Me website.
  • Under “My School/Center” follow the link for “Student access codes”.
  • For each child, copy and paste the name and access code into the PDF form, save the form, and email or print it.   You can also opt to print out the blank form and write in each child’s name and access code manually.

After January 2022, family members and caregivers will no longer be able to receive messages via text message to their phone number.  Family members who do not use smart phones will still be able to receive messages through email.

Educators can also use the Caregivers App.  Log in with your existing Message from Me login information.  From within the app, you will be able to access student information and messages as well as manage your classrooms.